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What are the different parts in a car stereo?

What are the different parts to a car stereo and what does each do?What are the different parts in a car stereo?
head unit, responsible for receiving the sound input and sending it to the ; speakers, responsible for recreating faithfully the sound sent from the head unit. If you are referring to what is a car stereo then try this. 1 RF AMP, responsible for amplifying the incoming signal;2 2nd rf amp, same as the first rf amp. 3 if oscillator, responsible for creating the intermediate frequency [if] 4 if amp [if required];5 tuner oscillator, alters the frequency at which the incoming signal is processed;6 padder capacitor; keeps the tuning capacitance with in 50 to 150 pf;7 preamplifier; designed to amplify the signal sufficiently to feed it into the 8 Af amplifier, the final stage that buffers and amplifies the signal so that it can be reproduced audibly by the car speakers. the final Af stage includes the volume control and any bass and treble controls. this is a very simplified version of a car radio.

How to take out my car stereo?

So my friend and I are trying to hook up my subs and amp to my car. But when we were trying to get out the stereo part, we took off the black surrounding plastic part. We took a knife and were just trying to pry out the stereo, but something is getting stuck and it isnt just sliding. Any tips??? Please let me know what i should do and if there is something blocking it etc!How to take out my car stereo?
there are some little sticky out triangular bits of metal on each side of the radio, when the radio is pushed in to the metal surround, the sticky out bits are there to stop the radio being pulled back out, a bit like a barb on a fish hook,

what you normally get with a radio is 2 thin flat strips of metal which help you flatten out the "barbed" bits of metal, after putting both strips down each side, you have to wiggle the radio from side to side, bringing the radio forward bit by bit, it will eventually come out,

you can do the same with 2 thin knives, you can do the same with one knife, but you have to keep swapping it from side to side, bringing the radio forward bit by bit.

Good luck !How to take out my car stereo?
Use a baseball bat and beat that **** out!

How to sync car stereo to steering wheel?

I just got a car and the owner before replaced the stereo with a pioneer one. I have no clue the model. It has red lights. The person never synced it to the steering wheel so I can't change the volume with it. Does anyone know how to do that? I have a 2008 Nissan versa if that matters at all.How to sync car stereo to steering wheel?

PAC Audio makes a variety of steering wheel control adapters that work well. The first thing to look for is that the Pioneer radio you have is Steering Wheel Control Ready. This can be determined by looking in the owners manual or googling the model number.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me:

Chris M.

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215-368-8343How to sync car stereo to steering wheel?
Go onto and enter your vehicle and stereo specs into the "Outfit my Car" section. That will tell you what adapters you need to retain steering wheel function.

What is the best way to wire an iPod into your car stereo?

I tried to have Best Buy install it, but when they hardwired it into my car stereo, it would run my battery down when the car was turned off. The guy at Best Buy said all he did was hook it up through a hot wire and he didn't know why it drained the battery when turned off. Any suggestions?What is the best way to wire an iPod into your car stereo?
I would purchase a radio with a standard AUX input. Don't buy something that is made to only work with Ipod, don't limit yourself. If you buy something with a standard AUX input, you can use any device that has a headphone jack on it. I did a custom install on my MX-5 last month so I could use my Iriver....Ipod knockoff. I put the CD player in my glove box, flush mounted into a black vinyl backdrop. I ran the AUX cable (really a headphone jack with 2 male ends) so it would come up through where my emergency brake handle is....that way you don't have to see any wires running from my device to the glove box, or dashboard if you put it there.....visible wires are terrible. My Iriver has an FM tuner, so I don't have to keep the glove box open. I keep the CD player volume at a set level and control the volume through my is actually a pretty sweet setup.

On the higher-end, you could put in an after market system with amps and everything and get a headphone to RCA jack and run your device straight in to your amps.
you can get an i-trip. you would just have to plug the i-trip into your ipod and set a certain station and it would play the music from your ipod. Also, if you have a cassette player, and you have one of those hook-ups where you put a blank casette and run the wire to your i-pod, that works the sameWhat is the best way to wire an iPod into your car stereo?
Get a stereo with i-Pod attatchment. More and more new cars have the adapter for iPods to be connected. Run it through the 12v socket to avoid draining your battery.
if u have an aftermarket stereo with ipod support or aux input, i'd buy an ipod adapter. a fm tuner is convient but the sound quality isnt really good.What is the best way to wire an iPod into your car stereo?
Im SOO tired of answering this question. But here we go get a aftermarket radio, Pioneer and alpine are the best and get the ipod interface for it it will let you control and see info from the ipod directly through your radio faceplate and it will also charge your ipod while its pluged up. The sound quality is much better than the fm transmitters and theres less chance of you crashing tryin to find a song while lookin at the ipod versus controling the ipod through your radio
iTrip is not great, plus it drains batteries. you can get a Monster Car Tuner for the iPod for around $60 and it charges at the same time. like most of the other products, you chose an empty radio station
Well, my 1988 Honda Civic DX, still has its stock speakers and fm tuner, and so what I did is I went out and bought an adapter, that charges your iPod, can use any form of iPod, even minis/nanos. Its got adjustable wings that help hold it to it, and I think it's made by Belkin, and runs about 40-60 Bucks, defintely worth it!
buy the ipod tuner, you can plug it in to your cigarette lighter and tune into an empty radio FM radio channel and listen to your ipod!!

What kind of car stereo and/or sound system should I buy?

I would prefer a car stereo with an auxiliary cord and a usb input (but not needed).What kind of car stereo and/or sound system should I buy?
Find a wide range of car stereo and/or sound systems to choose from with some great deals and with these features:

Removable Faceplate

CD and WMA/MP3 Playback

Front-Panel USB Port

Enjoy Your iPod

FM/AM Tuner

Front Auxiliary Input

Bass Boost and much more.

Find them here:鈥?/a>

Pick me if it helps.What kind of car stereo and/or sound system should I buy?
I think this one is better car stereo.........................

Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD 5.8-Inch In-Dash Touchscreen Double-Din DVD Multimedia A/V Receiver

Technical Details

- 5.8-inch motorized touchscreen LCD monitor

- Double DIN Head Unit

- Plays DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, DivX, MP3, WMA and AAC

- Features touchscreen control for iPod/iPhone with album art, touch slide, ASR and USB control

- 4V pre-outs鈥?/a>

For more鈥?/a>

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  • How can I find out what each pin in the back of my car stereo does?

    There's 2 spots for plugs in the back of my car stereo. There is a plug in one of the spots for the speakers and power and stuff. The other spot (10-pin) is empty and I think it's for a CD changer. I want to wire up my ipod to it somehow. How can I figure out what these pins do?How can I find out what each pin in the back of my car stereo does?
    yes i'd have thought it would be for a cd changer, as for knowing which pin did what, you would have to find a tech manual for the head unit you have and hope that has the info you need.

    How to Remove a Car Stereo with Spring Mounted Clips?

    Several cars have stereos mounted on four small clips, which hold the stereo in place.

    How to Remove a Car Stereo with Spring Mounted Clips?How to Remove a Car Stereo with Spring Mounted Clips?
    鈥?Invest in DIN tools, meant especially for car stereo removal, to remove a car stereo mounted on clips.

    鈥?The U-shaped tools have small poles that can be inserted in the clips of the stereo.

    鈥?Upon inserting them, you will hear a 'click', and the stereo can then be easily removed.

    鈥?The cable of the antenna is now to be unscrewed, which is at the far end, close to the passenger side.

    鈥?Now disconnect the wiring harness connector at the back of the stereo, that holds all the wires connected to the stereo, held in place by a wiring clip. These can be connected to the new car stereo.

    How to Remove a Bolt-On Car Stereo